Wednesday, 22 November 2017

The story of the refugees

Centuries ago, a boat of refugees reached the shore of India.
The leader of the refugees went to meet the king and asked 
for the permission to stay in his land. 
The king showed to the leader a glass that was full of water.
"You see, the glass is like my land.
Like the glass is filled with water,
my land is already filled with my people"
The leader took a spoon of sugar and put it into the water. 
He waited until the sugar dissolved in the water and said:
"My people will dissolve into the community of your people 
and in the process make it sweeter" 
The king allowed them to stay.

Perhaps today most countries facing an influx of refugees,
get them because the Universe thought they needed a bit
of extra sweetness, a bit of extra spice. 

I read the above story in a book, titled 'the gift of anger'
written by Arun Ghandi, the grandson of Mahatma Ghandi.
I warmly recommend this book as a very good read!

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