Thursday, 9 November 2017


We tend to be busy often with questions like:
Why is this world going so awfully wrong?
How can the world be that bad?

We may feel helpless:
What can we do?
What is the use?

even if we manage to make a small difference for one person in the world,
we have done something extremely worthy.
If we try every day to make small difference for one person,
how many persons we affect in a year?

And you know what?
Each time we make a small difference for another person,
we make a small difference for ourselves.
That is 365 small differences for ourselves every year!

Can you imagine a world where more people would stop asking: what is wrong? Why?
and they would start asking questions like: what gift can I give to the world today?
And tomorrow? and then again?

Try to imagine, Try to imagine !

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