Saturday, 18 November 2017

What a power!

At any time we see only a very small part of the whole world.
We see only our own garden, the book in front of us,
maybe more often the screen in front of us,
the person that does something we like,
the person that does something we don't like.

That is such an extremely small, minuscule part of the world.
And even a much smaller fraction of the universe.

The nice thing about the above thoughts,
is that actually we can choose what to look at, at any time.
We can even choose how to look at it (with an open mind,
with an angry heart, from a distance, as a bystander
as a victim,....).

If we become aware of this power to choose,
our whole life may become a bit different.
We do not need to be just undergoing what is happening,
we can choose to observe it or not,
to be involved in it or not,
to like it or not.

If we do not like it, we can choose to focus on something else.
It sounds, easy. It is initially not easy.
It requires some exercise.
Our mind is actually under our control
We say: my mind, meaning the mind of me
That me, that I who owns the mind
is not the mind. It is the higher self.
If our mind refuses to let go of a negative thought,
we can choose to think about something else and
the mind has to release anyhow.

I was reading about mindfulness from a few sources. 
The above is a kind of what I understood from it.


  1. our mind is like a monkey, unable to sit still, swinging through branches.
    can you close your eyes, staying awake, and only focus on 1 thing/thought for an hour?

    i found it difficult to do so. lol.


    1. Thanks for the comment. Indeed very difficult. But I think relaxing the mind is something that is a bit trainable: something like the more we do it, the better we become at it. But surely difficult. :)

  2. In the Scripture God taught mankind that the mind is the HEART. The Bible said that the heart is sinful due to human fallen state. Because at the start when God created human beings there are no problem about any kind of chaos of the mind. At the very start in their original state the mind is perfectly peaceful and joyful no problems at all. This nature been marred after the fall of the man. But to be restored if this mind of a man will return to His creator to fellowship just like at the start. Christianity taught one God in three person. The second person of God who is no other than the only Son of God Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind. Through and by Him the perfect original state of a man can be restored in a process. When a sinner enter such heavenly transaction this sinner will start to experience a new life in progress.


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