Sunday, 29 October 2017

Old versus new

It is time to wake up.
It is high time to awaken.

Knowing about the existence of water
and all its wonderful cleaning properties
Knowing about water,
and all properties to alleviate thirst
and to nourish all our cells in our body
Adoring water and praising water,
Observing water standing in a bottle on your table
will not clean your body, will not nourish you.
We have to bathe in it, wash ourselves in it,
we have to drink it, internalize it.

So is it with the love of our God.
We may know about it, talk about it every day,
it may sit in the book on our shelves or our night table
We may observe it and look at it,
but as long as we do not experience it, feel it
bathe in it, it will not cleanse our souls,
As long as we do not internalize it, drink it,
it will not still our spiritual hunger.
We have to make it quiet in our life, from time to time
and think truly with our mind, heart and soul
about that goodness, that immense endless love of our God.

Open up for it, let ourselves be immersed in it.
and share all the good feelings and wisdom with the world around us
share all the inspiration, love, harmony and peace that comes with it.
It will make us humble, grateful. It is the greatest gift we can receive.
Just try to experience the love of our God.
All we need to do is make it quiet, quiet outside,
quiet inside, quiet in our mind, forgive everyone and everything,
so it will become quiet in our heart and our soul.
and bathe in, drink the love of our God.

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim,
is just what that means; it is 114x repeated in the Quran.
The love of our Creator is It is also the cornerstone of Christianity.
It is fundamental in every reasonable faith in the world.

Keep knowing about it,
but make the jump to feeling it as well
Only knowing about it, is the old way.
Feeling it is the new way!

 (Metaphors used above were inspired by a talk by Michael Beckwith)

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