Friday, 11 August 2017


A sip of my cup
of pure Brazilian Coffee;
late at night,
thinking about my day.

The afternoon came first to mind:
the beautiful face of KakWan
A retired matron, still caring,
caring for the most miserable people
with a heart so full of love
with a soul so full of spirit.
Is there anything more beautiful
than the sweet satisfaction
shining on the face of a person
who cares and does so much good?

Then came to mind
 the sunrise, a thousand colors
in the sky above the sea

Then the dinner with my wife,
the teaching I had at noon
my breakfast outside.

I thank you my God
I thank you my God
I thank you my God

Some days, are filled with so much love and beauty. If before sleep, we reflect on our day, we enjoy twice :)
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