Sunday, 7 August 2016


In my evening reflection
I was not so certain that my attempts to service had been very effective today.
Some people say, if the intention was good, that is all that counts.
I tend to disagree at least a bit with that statement.

The intention of course is extremely important.
But after we did what we intended to do,
we have to reflect and scrutinize whether
the intended effect has been obtained.

If not, we have to change our methods,
our plan for the next day and the days after that.
If we do not achieve what was intended,
we do not have to feel guilty about it,
but still it is our duty to make the necessary change.


  1. correct intention, regardless of methods & outcome = religious correctness (you get peace of mind)

    correct outcome, regardless of methods & intention = political correctness (you get what you want)

    correct intention, correct methods & correct outcome = scientific correctness (you get reproducibility)

    soon eu :)

    1. Many thanks for this very interesting comment.
      I agree as long we have have the good intention we do get peace of mind and I think that peace is one of the key essential components of happiness. I enjoyed reading the three equations. Very well said. :)


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