Friday, 16 May 2014

Reflection 28 (first level of needs)

Primary needs

As a human we have three levels of needs
In this reflection I write about the primary needs

The primary needs are threefold
1. Food.
Essential to survive. So many of us have so much abundance of food that too much food rather than not enough food has become a threat to our health.

But still so many people in this world have to focus their full attention of all waking hours to find enough food for themselves and their children. No time to think about any luxury, about any noble high aims, just finding food, enough to survive, enough for their children to survive. It is finding food or die.
2. Water.
Similar as for food, water and drinks is the second primary need. Fulfill the need and survive or die.
3. Sex.
Sex is a special primary need. It is not essential for the survival of the individual but without it a species cannot survive. That is why it still ranks under the priary needs.
Just as many people in poor nations are hungry all the time and spend all waking hours searching for food, there are many men and women who get so attached to sexual pleasure and experiences that almost all of their waking hours are dedicated to find the next sexual level of experiences.

If we belong to the privileged group of persons who have their primary needs met without much problem: enough food, enough drink and a satisfying steady relationship fulfilling our sexual desires, we can count ourselves lucky. We do have time to focus on the next levels of needs, which is the subject of reflection 29 and reflection 30

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