Alphabetical list of blog topics

In this blog I share some of the reflections I have
Some are new ones I have on the day of the posting
If I do not have inspiration, i look in my reflection book.

Noting down our reflections is of paramount importance
verba volent, scripta manent
(spoken) words are flying while what is written stays forever

Here is an alphabetical list of the topics in my reflecitons
(the numbers between brackets are the number of the reflection)

Añd then (18)
Beauty (15)
Better (19)
Carrying (17)
Children (9)
Circle (12)
Constant (26)
Emotions (27)
Good ideas (14)
humility (22)
Hurt (13)
Insight (16)
Leaking (11)
Levels of needs (28, 29, 30)
Life (7)
Loneliness (2)
Love (25)
Meals (21)
Perfect world (3)
Play (24)
Positivity (4)
Reflection (1)
Religious arrogance (8)
Sadness (5)
Second chance (10)
Tree (6)
Vulnerability (23)

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