Monday, 19 May 2014

Reflection 32 (stress is a space problem)


Being stressed,being stretched, being pressured, all mean something similarly
Each of the word imply a lack of space.
Increase the space and the pressure decreases: true?

So just by increasing the space in our heart, we may feel less stressed
Make more space for the feelings that occur every day
Accept the feelings as they come and give them space

Far too many of us are afraid of sadness a fear induced by the media
So what do we do? we try to push any negative feeling out by reducing its space
And it often gets trapped in this narrow space causing pressure, stress, stretch.

So give space all feelings, positive and negative.
Accept the feelings and let them move
If the space is too narrow they cannot move

This reflection is quite related to the earlier one on sadness (reflection 5)
Just yesterday I read in a book confirming that we should accept our sadness
along the lines described above (the happiness trap by Dr. Russ Harris)

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