Sunday, 11 May 2014

Reflection 26 (constant)


Heat exists
Easy for us to understand
Because we can experience changes in heat
If heat is low, we feel cold, if heat is high we feel hot

Imagine now that everything and everywhere would be 25 degrees Celsius
Would it be easy for us to understand that heat exists?
Most of the time we would be unaware of heat or temperature.
If it never changes, most of us would be not aware that such a thing as heat exists

Cold and warm
Light and dark
wind and no wind

But constant things may be much more difficult to experience and observe
Perhaps that is why it is so difficult for many of us to experience God.
There is not such thing as a bit of God present or none,
God is always maximally present, unchanging.
We need to tune in into the Goodness to experience God.
Something unchanging is hard to measure.

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