Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Reflection 33 (a king-story)

A king

A king was mute but he was a very good man.
He loved each of his subjects extremely much.
He was generous and forgiving.

The subjects had several ways of honouring him
Each group who had a specific way of honouring wanted to impose that way on the others, claiming that their own way was the only way making the king happy. Actually the king was so good and humble that he did not care too much about being honoured. His major delight was the happiness of his subjects.

But things got worse. Different groups got so engrossed in arguing about which way was the best way to honour the king that they forgot to do their daily tasks. The carpenters failed to produce enough furniture, the farmers failed to produce enough food, the doctors failed to provide enough care since everyone was so engrossed in the arguments.

This caused suffering among the subjects and made the king sad. Certain groups decided to give up their jobs completely and spend all of their time honouring the king in their own way to make the king happy. But the suffering of the subjects worsened and the king became less happy.

An enlightened man stood up and called upon everyone to go back to their jobs and go on honouring the king in their own way. He claimed that the king was most happy if his subjects were happy and that doing their job well was actually the best way of pleasing the king. The enlightened man got many followers and the land started to flourish. Everyone had again enough food and shelter and care. The king was happy. However some old fashioned narrow minded people persisted in their old ways and saw the enlightened man as a threat. They killed the enlightened man. This made the enlightened man a martyr and his teachings became the norm. The people went on to live peacefully, honour the king in their own way without thinking that their own is superior or inferior to others, and they went on doing their jobs to make the kingdom a better place for everyone to live.

Can our world have a happy ending like this?

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