Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Reflection 23 (vulnerability)


We are all vulnerable.
We are all at risk of being hurt
Physically, emotionally, spiritually, ...

I want to focus here on emotional vulnerability.
We can reduce it very significantly by using walls
No, not the stone walls we see in our house
But imaginary walls.

If someone scolds us for something or treats us rough,
whether or not it will hurt us emotionally is entirely up to us
We can decide not to accept the insult.

If someone gives us a gift and we do not accept it
the gift stays with the giver.
If someone gives us an insult and we do not accept
the insult stays with the giver.

We do not have to let anything we hear penetrate to our core
We can draw up the virtual wall that blocks things
preventing them form entering our heart and hurting us

A good way to practice this, to analyse any toxic comments we get.
If they have a point inside that help us to improve, take it as a lesson
If there no such point, then the one making the toxic comment is wrong
overtly wrong, that one deserves really our pity for being so wrong

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