Sunday, 3 September 2017


When I imagined for awhile I had the lamp of Aladdin,
I thought what would I wish for?

My first wish that came to mind was to be a world-wide authority
and spark or flame that makes a foundation for a never ending kindness revolution.
Somewhere deep inside I believe that my poetry ( Poems from Hans (aufie zophy) )
and my blog maybe a small beginning of this big wish coming true.

Then I thought: Isn't it a bit selfish not to wish first for my family.
But Aladdin had three wishes, remember :)

So my second wish was for my family to be full of harmony and health and have a superb time with each other very often.

My third wish came from somewhere deep inside:
To be a father like figure for a large group of children to whom they came with their small and big problems and whom they would love to hear stories from.

I had also a fourth and fifth wish:
To be able to help as many neonates fare well in Kelantan as possible and to establish/consolidate the home care for whomever needs it.

I know Aladdin is a fable, but it is always good to keep our wishes, our ideals alive. Write them on and off down and who knows, one day they will be reality. Every day we can make some mini steps towards them :)

I want to end with a wonderful quote of Jawaharlal Nehru:

Failure comes only 
when we forget our ideals
and objectives and principles

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