Friday, 8 September 2017

The apple cloud

In the desert: a scorching heat!
It is the temperature of greed.
In the sky almost uniformly blue,
there is a little cloud too.

As if magic, it takes the form of a grape.
It swells and grows into a big apple’s shape.
And from my wonderful apple cloud,
Sweet drops of wisdom start raining out.

And as if by the hand of God
A grassy carpet forms on the sand so hot
The raindrops of wisdom are spreading love
A wonderful kindness coming from high above

On the grass, soulful flowers start to grow
And all over gentleness and harmony flow
In the meantime, still wisdom is pouring out
From that wonderful apple cloud.

Oh, no my friends, this is not just a dream,
In our world now still full of greed, soon will stream:
 A flow of love causing a true wisdom revolution:
That will be the pinnacle of God’s planned evolution!

Maybe needs a bit of explanation :)
The first few stanzas may seem like a strange dream.
But looking how the world is evolving, we have gone though the desert of abominable wars, prosecution, cruelties. We still have those things around but the people being free from these things and who are willing to stand up and speak up and act against these things is ever growing. Once these numbers reach a critical point, kindness and wisdom may capture the world in avalanche speed. 
I am quite sure we are not too far away from that turning point :)
You may call this overly optimistic, but the future will show what evolution is leading to. :) 

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