Thursday, 14 September 2017


A small app on my phone tells me I have made 6000 steps today.
How many steps really mattered?
Perhaps my little morning walk did matter.
These small walks may contribute so much to my health.
Maybe just a bit to my physical health because the walks are really small
But much more perhaps to my mental and emotional health.
The deep breaths of morning sun filled air
A few poetic thoughts crossing my mind.
The joy of the greenery and the scanty flowers along my path.

Did anything else matter a lot today?
I hope I managed to inspire my students today.
I did enjoy the session myself. I really hope they did too.

But maybe some of my grumpiness has mattered in the wrong way too.

I somehow feel that
The more of our actions mattered in a positive way,
The happier we are and the more peace of mind we experience.

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