Monday, 25 September 2017


No matter how good our intentions,
we are all human at any time.

I have written a lot about kindness and my belief in a kindness revolution.
Today, I had quite a stressful day and lost my temper not once but twice.

Luckily nobody saw both events but even those seeing one of the events,
may say, is that the strong writer and "preacher" of kindness?

I think these are real lesson in humility.
We believe in values and principles,
but being human, we cannot live up to them all the time.

Does this mean we should not write or talk about them?
I think we should not judge anybody when they are not kind or loving.
None of us is always kind and loving since we are simply humans.

However, if we are silent about our beliefs and values,
all the negativity in the world will go without any bit of balance.
So i choose not to feel too guilty about losing my temper on and off
even though I try so very hard not to get angry at any time.
Let us talk and write a lot about kindness and the values we believe in;
it may make us stronger in the practice of these principles and values.
At the same time let's be humble, do not judge others and accept our own limitations

Lots of wishes for love and peace to all of you (and for myself too 😌😊😏 ).


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