Saturday, 23 September 2017

The story of why

Today I want to share a small story, I was writing in poem format in January 2012.
I enjoyed reading it again today, and that is why I share it here with you:

There was once a one-year old boy
He was playing with a knife as a toy
He was having a real great time
How nicely did his lovely knife shine

Then came the father, got the surprise of his life.
As fast as he could, he took away the dangerous knife
The boy felt treated unfair and started to cry
His pleasure ended abruptly, he didn't know why

His tiny mind was not developed enough
to understand that it was his father's love
that was the reason why the knife was taken away
No way he'd understand what happened that day

It is also impossible for any of us to understand
the why of a tsunami or sudden death of a friend
we can go as deep as we can, we can try
but we never will reach the true answer to why.

Just our human mind's capacity is far too small
for us to understand the ultimate reason of all
I believe a supreme reason exists for everything
Sometimes we just have to accept what is happening…


Do you agree, do you disagree, please comment...