Thursday, 14 July 2016


I am on my way back from Bacolod City, Philippines
I went there for an accreditation visit of an ethics research committee.

I am writing this message as a form of appreciation to my Philippine friends.
Each time I am in the Philippines, I stand in a certain awe for the peace and joy
the people radiate.

There are so many talented people there, yet they tend to be humble and respectful.
There are many poor people and yet they tend to live in a certain harmony
There is a level of honesty in their dealings, not seen in many other places.

Of course we can not say all are good there.
But contrary to the many bad stories I heard about "the Philippines" before I went there for the first time, I can say it is a nation with many great people, loving peace and joy, dedicated to make things better in their own country.

I am coming back from Bacolod, with another fantastic experience of peace and dedication in my heart and my memory

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