Saturday, 23 July 2016


"Speak only words which are truthful and sincere.
Do not deceive either by word, look or gesture"
James Allen

The above wise words, I read today.
They really touched something inside of me:
A strong belief, a deep conviction, a principle.

The above wise words, that I read today,
I could have written them too.
They somehow resided in my soul,
but up to now I have failed to express them.

These very important words,
I hope, by sharing them here,
that they also touch something inside of you

All too often we hear the term white lies,
lies used for a good purpose.
Let me tell, there is no such a thing as a white lie.
Lies are always black.

I think in anyone's life there should be only few exceptions,
where telling the truth would be a highly irresponsible thing to d.o.
It would be better perhaps to say: lies are almost always black.

but the occasions where lies are not pure black but grey,
these should occur at most once per year
or better only very few times in a lifetime.

I love truth
You  love truth
He loves truth
She loves truth
We love truth
You love truth
They love truth

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