Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wealth and health

I want material wealth
I want spiritual wealth
One without the other
is perhaps not real wealth

I want bodily health
I want mental health
One without the other
is perhaps not real health

Wealth and health
both so important
without one or the other,
we are sick and poor

The wonderful thing is
if we help others towards
obtaining health and wealth
 the biggest possible peace of mind
and truest happiness becomes ours

That is why a kindness revolution is due so much
Kindness revolution is an idea whose time has come
Once an idea has its time coming,
it becomes an unstoppable thing.

Let us enjoy spiritual health, material health
bodily wealth, mental wealth
and help as many as possible others to get
spiritual and material wealth and a superb health too.

Life is often not easy,
but we can make it beautiful
Please enjoy the kindness revolution
that is not far away now.

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