Saturday, 2 July 2016


I was listening tonight to the song titled, 'unforgettable', sung by Nat King Cole.
While listening to the song my thoughts wandered to my mother.
This woman has been such a big influence on my life,
such a great example, such a warm and caring heart;
she was so beautiful and had so many talents.
A truly unforgettable woman. How I wish
I could still give her a hug;
still spend a few hours over a cup of coffee with her
sharing our feats, our wisdom, our life.
I know the song is meant to be about a romantic sense of unforgettable,
but somehow it did provoke a son-mother thought instead tonight.

Please my friends, if your mom is still alive,  
give her a call today, and another call tomorrow.
And every day, pray for her and call her or visit her as frequent as you can.
Mothers tend to really deserve a lot of calls and visits.

I wrote a few poems about/for my mom
the one that came to mind while writing this,
was one-more-cup.

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