Friday, 9 September 2016

A (t)rusted tool

All of us have experienced considering buying something,
we thought was relatively unique or rare,
just to see more of these unique or rare things
in the next week, than we have ever seen in our life.
It could be a green scooter, a special dress or whatever.

This is because when we think about that rare or unique thing at that time,
our mind starts to pay attention to it.
Whatever comes in our field of sight, we do see, but if we do not pay attention,
we do not notice it and are not aware of its presence.
Do you agree?

That is how our mind works: what we think about most, gets most of our attention.
The wonderful thing is: we can choose what we think about!
Some people choose to think about the ugly traits of our politicians all the time.
And that is what they will notice all the time in the world around them: ugly traits
They may wish the bad guys, bad luck and bad luck is what their mind will get focused on.

A poet's mind is inundated by the imagination and thoughts of something superbly beautiful.
And that is why poets tend to find and see beauty where others only see greyness.
Some people choose to think about ugliness, and they see lots of it
Some people choose to think about beauty and they see lots of it.

Are those thinking about beauty, cheating themselves, escaping from reality?
Or are those thinking mainly thoughts of ugliness, distorting a beautiful world?
Perhaps reality is somewhere in the middle, containing both nice and ugly things
and you may say, I focus on the middle road, that is what you will notice
and your life will most like turn out to be somewhat mediocre.

Life contains sooo much peace. There is also sooo much war
There is sooo much superb harmony, sooo much extreme discord.
There is so much in the mediocrity, so much mild disharmony,
What we think most about will be what we notice most.

Today for one, I want to think about beauty, peace, love, kindness, abundance
I want to think thoughts of opportunity, freedom, truth, wisdom, brotherhood
fairness, integrity, equality,...      How about you?
Imagination is one of the greatest gifts humans received from Nature,
It is a tool that allows us to think thoughts of future things that not yet have happened.

Imagination allows us to choose thoughts about things that we do not experience right now.
Let us use this wonderful tool
Do not ever get it to be rusted !
If it got rusted in the past, get the strongest rust remover today
and remove all rust from your imagination. Trust it!

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