Friday, 23 September 2016

The power of crooks

I doubt there are any statistics about beggars
Let us assume that half of them are just crooks
or make it even worse, 3/4 of them may be crooks

The main question is:
Are we willing give so much power to the crooks
that they are allowed to deprive the 1/4 of beggars, truly in need, of our charity?
that they are allowed to deprive perhaps 90% of good hearted people of the pleasure of giving?

Are the crooks really deserving so much power?

For my self I have decided long time ago,
not to give to crooks any such power;
to give to all, crooks and truly needy alike.
I wish all of them well.

Does that mean people take unfair advantage of me?
Perhaps, some will, but if we look deeper, the so called crooked guys
must have major problems too.

If it would be a consolation to anyone,
the bad crooks tend to choke on their ill gotten gains
and lose more than they received in their very next transaction
if not money-wise, certainly peace of mind-wise!

That is just how nature works.
I like the essay of Emerson on Compensation.
A true classic, written in not so easy English.
But each time I read it, I discover new gems in Emerson's writings.

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  1. "to give to all, crooks and truly needy alike. and wish all of them well."

    me too. i couldn't agree with you more! :)


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