Friday, 9 September 2016

Long, long traditions

Many of our beliefs are based on long, long traditions,
transmitted through generations and generations of well meaning people.
Even if it was true that all links in the long, long chain would have been
well meaning people, even the most well meaning ones
are influenced by so many biases and human factors of
(perhaps subconscious) self interest.

That being said, it is a bit scary,
(considering, how many of the most powerful people today
use and abuse religion for their own gains,)
to assume that all links in the long chain
of our own dogmas and traditions have been truly well meaning people.
How many "trusted" links were "politicians"?

Then many people go on using these traditions to judge others,
adopt them as a blind belief because they hear them from the so called scholars
who have spent a few years studying (or sometimes even not) about all these traditions.

While traditions often carry quite a bit of value,
it is our duty as humans to filter these so called truths.
We were gifted with the most sublime gift in nature:
the gift of being able to think and analyse what is true and what is likely to be true,
what is likely to be not true and what is pure nonsense.

Whatever knowledge from whoever, we need a filter before we let it in
and make it our own truth.

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