Monday, 12 September 2016

White as snow

Starting with a Tanka (poem of 5 lines with syllable distribution of 5-7-5-7-7)

a beautiful smile
on a disabled boy's face
teeth as white as snow
full of warmth, melting my heart
with unconditional love 

Yesterday, I visited this lovely family in Pasir Putih, Kelantan
Recently their 30-year-old severely disabled son had died during an infection.

They still had 2 more severely disabled sons and one disabled grandson.
The way the family takes care of the children and the happiness in the home
are truly a source of warm-hearted inspiration.

The very nice smiles on the faces of my disabled friends, lying on the floor
were so beautiful. The younger one started to cover his face with the mat he was lying on and tried to play a form of hide and seek with me. He had visibly a good time and laughed out loud.

They were so severely affected by this hereditary disease. but they still had the ability to love
still had the ability to smile and laugh.

If you have the chance, do visit a disabled person, enjoy the smile on their face
and who knows, they may inspire you to a bigger expression of your own love...


  1. Instead of referring the OKU as "orang kurang upaya" ('disabled'),
    I do agree that, the OKU should be regarded as "orang kelainan upaya" ('differently abled').

    They and their families learn so much throughout their lives;
    Those are lessons that normal people rarely get to experience.

    Life is short, embrace everything. Love unconditionally, laugh often, forgive easily.
    Love and patience can get us through almost anything.

    ...something that i've learned from them :)

  2. Fully agree. They truly have different abilities. Differently abled may indeed be a much better term.
    Excellent thought.


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