Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Sometimes we travel far and long
to see a beautiful town.
Sometimes we long deep inside
to see a far away finesse

Reflecting on the above, back in 2011,
I wrote the simple poem below:

 Up high,
Up high in the vast sky
I searched for ultimate beauty
Ultimate beauty was what I yearned to see
But then just inches above the horizon
Right in front of my brown open eyes
I found the most amazing
The most picturesque
Of all clouds
Luxurious soft pastels
Of light purple and
Mellow orange
Almost caressing the sea 

Sometimes while looking up,
while looking for beauty in far away places,
we miss out on the beauty that surrounds us.

Let us take a minute right now and
find something of exquisite beauty, right where we are.
If our eyes do no find it,let us use our other senses.
let us feel the beauty of the breeze
or listen to the beauty of the sound of the rain
or put up a favorite song,
smell or taste something beautiful.

Walk around for a while
just giving our attention
to finding beauty in the air
in the color of the sky,
in the palms of our hands
in the piece of furniture nearest to you


I love Beauty
I am sure you love beauty too.

Let us enjoy the beauty of the world around us,
a little more consciously today,
give it a bit more attention
our heart will be filled with a thousand beautiful feelings

(http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/y-a-thousand-beautiful-feelings/ )


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