Monday, 12 December 2016


This morning, in the local supermarket, I saw a man who looked a bit familiar
but somehow I could not exactly remember from where the familiarity came.
I nodded a hello from a distance and he came right up to me and shook my hand.
He said that 15 years ago, I saved the life of his daughter
when she was admitted to our neonatal ward.

After a talk filled with friendship and happiness we went each on our way.

I surely was smiling a smile, broad, coming straight from my heart.
Sometimes we get these God-sent expressions of thanks.
We try to be humble in moments like these.

At times, being a doc is quite tough.
We tend to do our work with enthusiasm and lots of energy.
But somehow, frustrations do happen and they can get to the heart.
when things go less well we tend not spare ourselves from harsh self criticism.

If the father of that daughter, would happen to read this page.
MANY thanks, my friend.
We all need appreciation from time to time.
I felt great after the encounter and it will surely give me
much extra energy and enthusiasm durung my next moments of frustration.

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