Saturday, 4 February 2017


In the peak of the raining season, waves tend to be big.
A lot of litter, perhaps that was thrown from boats,
or perhaps that was thrown in the rivers that flow into the sea,
tends to be washed ashore in this season.

Since I came to live close to the beach, about 17 years ago,
I have taken the habit to clean up the beach whenever it looked
really as being littered in a bad way.
Often I get the help of my sons or neighbour.

Seeing litter on the beach somehow makes me feel not too good.
So, I thought, what is the best action.
I cannot prevent the litter from arriving at the beach.
I can choose to be upset about it most of the time 
and condemn all people throwing the things in the sea or in the rivers.
I can also choose to accept that we are all not perfect and 
different people do have a different set of values
and consider the cleaning up of the beach as a form of exercise,
that helps to burn some excessive calories. 

So, I have definitely chosen the second attitude  and
yesterday morning the son of my neighbour and I
have taken all garbage of quite a long stretch of beach.
After we saw the result of our "physical exercise"
we felt truly proud of what was accomplished:
A impeccable stretch of beach.
The colors of the sea were superb and it looked all so nice.

I love to do physical exercise, it is good for health.
If we do the exercise and in the mean time something else
which is good results from it, it is all the more rewarding....


Do you agree, do you disagree, please comment...