Tuesday, 21 February 2017

When enough is enough

Just now I read the last words of Steve Jobs
It was an ode to love.
I think he was pleading with whoever has accumulated enough wealth,
to get focused on other things in life than the further accumulation of wealth.

And I think he was so right in saying that.
We need wealth in our life.
But much more still we need love
and arts and kindness and beauty

Let us all get every day our ten or fifteen minutes spent to just indulge in beauty:
a sunrise, a flower, a tree, field of grass, a butterfly, a bird, another human being,
a beautiful song, a masterpiece of music,  a sublime poem, a fable, a verse, a quote.

Let us all spend some time loving, helping, simply being kind,
Let us all spend some time in positive thoughts, grateful for all we have
Let us all spend some time with our nearest and dearest,
Let us all live a life filled with purpose and love,
unconditional love...

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