Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Ocean waves; and then there is light

We have sometimes 
A wave of greed
A wave of racism
A wave of hatred
A wave of anxiety
A wave of abuse
A wave of lies and deceit

These waves are like the ripples on the ocean.
They can be strong, though!
Storms can make them really big
But whatever the size of the waves, 
they will always crush on the shore
As they approach the shore they may gain in size
But that sudden swell often means their end is in sight.

Then there are also 
waves of kindness
waves of helpfulness
waves of respect
waves of love
waves of wisdom
waves of peace.

These waves are NOT like waves on the ocean
They are like waves of light
Traveling fast and furious 
They are like waves of magnetism
unstoppable, penetrating everything
Not dying, forever going on
Waves of electricity

Not destructive, not capricious
but steadily growing as humanity completes its own evolution

I look forward to a world with calm seas, calm oceans
with the waves of hatred just ripples
still alive among the smallest minority of people

I look forward to a splendidly bright world
in which the light of kindness will touch the hearts 
of all 7 or 8 billion billion humans on earth.

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