Sunday, 29 January 2017

Kindness nearer than ever

The world seems to become less and less friendly as a place to live in.

Please do not fall for this great fallacy!

There are no real statistics about friendliness and caring societies.
One thing, I am perfectly sure however, is that the picture we get
from the news is a WRONG picture.

True enough, what happens in the USA is troublesome.
What happens in so many other countries is troublesome

But we see only the troublesome things in the news.
Good news seems to be not "newsworthy" these days.

The idea of a worldwide caring society
The idea of eradication of hunger in the world
The idea of peace
The idea of a kindness revolution

These are all ideas (and there are many more) whose time has come.
Perhaps what we see in the US is a necessary evil to speed up the final
collapse of the opposites of the above ideas.
Like waves gaining momentum as they near the shore,
but collapsing on the shore,
the life of these ideas (like selfishness, fear mongering,...)
will totally, absolutely and irreversibly end.

While they collapse on the shore they may cause damage
but never will the mountain of justice
the mountain of kindness
the mountain of caringness
the mountain of love
the mountain of respect
be moved by any of these vicious waves.

Please, my friends,
Stop reading all that negativity,
keep building within your own society
on a principle of caring kindness.

The kindness revolution is my favorite idea whose time has come
Its time is really here and nothing will stop it.

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