Saturday, 14 January 2017

What we think and feel

The evening sun shone its magic light
on the trees along the white sand shore
a superb scene, a pure delight,
an amazing sight, rarely seen before

My thoughts were filled with love
Feelings warm, affable and kind;
perhaps they came from high above;
filled my heart, flowing to my mind

In the middle of my lovely walk,
So many children playing in the sand
stopped their game to come and talk 
we laughed and they became my friend

These children's love that came my way
Somehow it made me understand
that what happens to us day by day
does on what we think and feel, depend 

I wrote this little poem after a walk on the beach.
The beach was sooo beautiful that my mind was really filled
with lovely positive thoughts and feelings.
I think that what we think and feel is really
determining what does come and what does not come our way.
If we think positive thoughts, we behave positively
and nice things come our way.
The opposite is true for negative thoughts too.
Hope you enjoyed the poem and the little bit of wisdom in it...

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