Saturday, 7 January 2017

Should be like this

This afternoon having with my lovely wife, a coffee and a piece of cake in the coffee shop, the coffee bean in Kuantan. Shortly after we sit down, the woman at the table next to us announces that the battery of her phone was almost flat. She was sitting alone at the table and clearly was telling this to my wife. She plugged the telephone into a powerbank. She asked my wife whether she was from Kuantan and a nice conversation followed. 

As we were sitting there her daughter and her nephew came and sit with her and she asked the two children to shake hands with us. 

I thought the encounter was a bit unusual. People in a coffee shop or even on a bus tend to be too shy or too afraid of rejection to start a conversation. Really each time I started a conversation on a plane with the person next to me, I have enjoyed it. I always make plans to do it more, but all too often we are not doing it.

Easy communication, friendliness, kindness, can make all our world so much nicer.

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