Saturday, 28 January 2017

Feeling good

A beggar on the corner of the street
I turn away from him , I don’t look
He might not be truly in need
Afraid that he may be a crook

But perhaps only half of the beggars
Are really crooked and often cheat
But how about the other half of them
Who are truly in trouble and big need?

Now what would disturb more my peace of mind?
To have given money to a beggar who cheats?
Or to have been too afraid and worried and
not have given anything to one with true big needs?

Too many times we are afraid to give:
Let us consider a small algorithm.

1. The beggar is a crook
You do not give.                          Crook feels bad           You feel bad
(because you are not sure he was a crook and refusing to give makes you feel bad, deprives you a bit of your full peace of mind, no matter what)
2. The beggar is genuine 
You do not give                           Genuine feels bad        You feel bad

Now let us consider the other situation: 
3. Crook
You give                                        Crook feels bad            You feel good
(a crook cheating people will have a few moments of joy but feels bad in the end no matter what)
(you feel good, since you do not know it is a crook)
4. Genuine                                     Genuine feels good        You feel good

Now decide which action is the best :)

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