Wednesday, 4 January 2017

True nature

Dear Friends,

I was reading some of my poems on Poemhunter (link)
I found this small prayer/poem, I had written for my "sister"-blog,
which is named, small prayers for a big world

I wrote it about a year ago but reading it again was a pleasure to my heart.
I hope it will be a pleasure to you, my dear reader, too:

True nature

This is a small prayer
for all people
in this big world
to become aware
of our true nature
which is love
which is kindness
which is compassion
which is peace
which is harmony.

A small prayer
for all of us
to become aware
that only a life
filled with our true nature
is THE source of
true happiness

Help me, my God,
Help all my friends
all my family
all my colleagues
all my neighbors
and all, all others
in this big world
to love, be kind, compassionate
and be an instrument of
Your peace and harmony

Let this count as a heartfelt new-years wish to all

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