Saturday, 7 January 2017

The world of tomorrow

The world of tomorrow may be very different than the world of today.

When I remember my recent visit to India,
I think that a country like that is really one that may gain
in importance and influence in the not so distant future.

It is so hard to make any progress while we are inundated with the capitalist mindset.
That being said, i admire the rich and amazing culture of India.
I think that India has really the seeds, perhaps more than other nations,
to create a loving society based on kindness and non-violence.
The road to such a society is long and progress may be extremely slow,
but something deep inside of me is believing that this is where the world is heading.

a vast country with more than 1 billion people.
The population is having a love for education
They keep alive a legacy of leaders like Mahatma Ghandi.
Respect for elderly and respect for spirituality is still a solid ingredient of society
There is a lot of simple happiness even among the poorest in the rural areas.

If it would happen that the USA loses its status as world power,
I really think that India is the best positioned country to take its place.
It are people with wisdom, a hunger for truth and generosity
that will be our leaders of tomorrow.

The greedy wall street gurus are close to their apoptosis.
Apoptosis is is not a common word, but it means programmed cell death.
Human cells and also cells from other organisms have a built-in mechanism
to die when the time of their function is over.
So it goes with human ideas.
An idea whose time has come, is unstoppable.
But an idea that has become obsolete goes in self-destructive mode.

I have a positive view on the future.
Sturdy capitalists may go through a tough time in the coming years,
but life will be better ten years from now.
The future belongs to the wise, to the the searchers of truth, to the generous.

I believe that, no, rather I know that.

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