Saturday, 22 July 2017

A bit of love

Imagine a sea,
a large sea;
no, imagine an ocean,
A huge ocean
filled with love.

Within that ocean
we swim and enjoy
its greatest depths
but so often we are not aware
we live in an ocean of love.

When sad or upset,
we can just inhale
or swallow a few gulps,
let a bit of that ocean
enter our hearts.

For family and strangers,
for friends and enemies,
just take a cup or two
and share a drink of love.

A bit of love, a few drops
is often all we need
to turn a dark moment
into a shining present.

A bit of love, a small cup
is often all we need
to turn a bout of stress
into an oasis of peace.

A bit of love, a sip or breath
is often all we need
to live a life of purpose,
to change the world.

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