Thursday, 27 July 2017

When the night falls

When the night falls,
My thoughts wander
to the sea of abundance
My ears listen to Tibetan music
My eyes dream of lakes and mountains
My heart visits the land of love
My soul swims in endless oceans of goodness

When the night falls,
When silence appears
When most people sleep,
my thoughts wander...
My eyes see smiles and happy faces
My ears hear chuckles and laughter
My soul sees the revolution of kindness

That huge revolution of kindness getting nearer and nearer
and nearer and nearer and nearer and nearer and nearer.
Soon all of us will see our true nature,
kindness everywhere, greed gone
my thoughts wander
a bit closer to a dream
but every new day, also
a bit closer to the upcoming reality.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful poem!

    When the darkness falls,
    My thoughts wander..
    to the sky of freedom and peace

    My ears listen to the growing sprout of trees & flowers,
    the joyful percussion of cricket & cicadas,
    and the calming symphony blowed by the mother nature..

    My eyes watching millions of stars in the universe, so charming,
    like millions of hopes in the unknown

    My heart feels the joy of the overall improvement in humanity,
    growing closer to the giant truth

    My mind resting in the pool of peace,
    My soul awaken in the the fresh dew of rejuvenation

    Your poem reminds me that,
    darkness may not be equal to bad, evil or fear.
    Positivity is a choice, and the decision can be made by ourselves.


  2. We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars (and moon :P).
    -Oscar Wilde-



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