Sunday, 2 July 2017

Who can stop you?

"If you want to be served,
people may not serve you.

But if you want to serve,
who can stop you?

If you want to be loved,
people may not love you.

But if you want to give love,
who can stop you?

If you want to be respected
people may not give you respect

But if you want to respect others
who can stop you?"

(quote from Gaul Ghopal Das)

I just saw this incredible inspirational video on the internet.
It was about the "I"

We concentrate often so much on what we want
on how we want to be served, loved and respected,
but all too often we get frustrated because people
do not live to serve, love and respect us.

What a different world it becomes if we start to focus
on how we can help the other, how can we serve, love and respect.
it becomes a different game all together and we will not be frustrated.
The love and respect, this time we did not expect,
will flow over us from all sides.

There is a tremendous truth in the paradox:
it is in giving that we receive :)


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  1. I've yet to come across such a discreet n candid piece.


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