Thursday, 26 October 2017


The morning hours were whispering and nudging me softly
to wake up and do some work. My half awake mind and
my ever alert soul, could see the beauty of the breaking day
and a thankful heart was fully in love with the universe.

A small hunger pang made me get up and head to breakfast
The aroma of coffee and a delicious slice of full grain bread
A piece of French toast with sugar and a sunny side up egg.
All too soon a second filling of coffee was inside my cup.

My body felt satisfied, my soul and heart and mind were too.
I sent a loving message to my wife and sons and i was ready
for a day with lots of work, lots of thoughts, lots of love.
Quite a long time ago, I wrote a senryu/haiku about the morning:

My God, let it be
that the morning hours' glory
stays 'till night with me  


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