Sunday, 15 October 2017


A small poem:

In our wide wonderful planet
Cruelties and sadness are abound
Greed and hatred, name it
you can find it all around
We have enough of all of these
No need to spread this type of news

The thing that is not enough
Is loving kindness, simply love
So if you see or do an act of love
don't be shy just spread the word
Write more about what is not enough
and make this a little better world 

Dear friends,
If you feel the need to talk with your friends about a real bad thing,
think for a while how much negativity is already circulating in this world,
in the media, in the conversations all over the world.
If you can choose a positive note instead, please do so.
We do not have enough positivity,
We have an excess of negativity.
Please my friends, find a positive message today,
share it in writing, share it in pictures, share in all your talk.
Find many positive messages today and
share them in writing, in pictures and your talk

Hope you enjoyed this reflection by Hans Van Rostenberghe
Feel free to share it, use it in any positive way
Will be grateful if you mention the link

If you have time, please take also a look at
the inspirational quotes page connected to this blog
some of my poems published under my pen name Aufie Zophy.

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