Friday, 13 October 2017

The optimist

I tend to be a bit optimistic, compared to my friends.
My friends who are more pessimistic claim to be more realistic.
I came across the next quote from Ralph Waldo Trine.
I liked it.

"The optimist is right. The pessimist is right. The one differs from the other as the light from the dark. Yet both are right. Each is right from their own particular point of view, and this point of view is the determining factor in the life of each. It determines as to whether it is a life of power or of impotence, of peace or of pain, of success or of failure.

The optimist has the power of seeing things in their entirety and in their right relations. The pessimist looks from a limited and a one-sided point of view. The one has their understanding illuminated by wisdom, the understanding of the other is darkened by ignorance. Each is building their world from within, and the result of the building are determined by the point of view of each The optimist, by their superior wisdom and insight, is making their own heaven, and in the degree that they make their own heaven are helping to make one for all the world beside. The pessimist, by virtue of their limitations, are making their own hell, and in the degree that they make their own hell are they helping to make one for all mankind."

Initially I wanted to quote only the first paragraph and then elaborate a bit, but the second paragraph of the author is so good, that not much elaboration is needed.

Let us choose optimism :)
Look forward to your comments.

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