Saturday, 27 May 2017

Bosons and quarks

Just now I made a small intention to learn at least for half an hour a day something new
I hope I can do it and I have the enthusiasm and motivation to follow through with it,
because today, my first day, has been really interesting.

Instead of 30 minutes, I spent 75 minutes trying to learn something new.
I do have a bit of a fascination with physics; so I looked for some videos on that.

A good way of understanding things we are not familiar with is to watch TedX videos.
I started watching one on physics and was quite intrigued by the guy talking about the Higgs boson.
I tried to understand, at least a bit, what a Higgs boson might be: I want to know something about quantum physics. So I watched three 15 min videos about that. Each speaker explained in his own way something about the quantum physics. They say electrons can assume wave or particle forms interchangeably, they can spin in left and right at the same time, they can break through barriers quite easily (tunneling) and they can be at different place at the same time (superposition) and somehow they have an amazing completely unimaginable way of communicating with each other. Based on these hypotheses, physicists can predict the probability of the location of a particle (or wave for that sake). Based on these hypotheses they can do mathematics and create machines that effectively work (laser and computer, telephone chips are examples). Whatever the quantum physics say, I think I am super far away from understanding it, but watching these videos can increase our own curiosity and somehow gives small bits of insight that may be helpful in our life.

Thus far I have only described 4 videos of each 15 minutes. the last video was on brain plasticity.
I am writing about in the next post; you can see it by clicking this link.

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