Sunday, 28 May 2017


Most of us may have seen the videos
depicting the earth, and the other planets
and then the sun and then zooming
to show the size of bigger stars
and give an impression of the galaxies
Impressive, truly impressive!
No matter how impressive and colorful the images,
taken of our skies with telescopes powerful beyond imagination,
what we see may not be all that is.
A rainbow in the sky is nothing but refraction of light.
How many "rainbows" or "rainbow-like spots"
may be mistaken for material stars or distant planets?
No matter how nice it is to revel in the vastness of the universe,
to dream of other creatures throughout space who may be more or less intelligent,
more or less advanced than us,
our duty to live in harmony on this planet which is ours.
our duty to get back in focus on what is most important to you and me
our duty to embrace kindness, love, honesty, integrity, tenderness,
our duty to make life here on earth, what our Creator had intended it to be
Peaceful, easy, helping, accepting,

Hans says:
Let us enjoy the dreams of vastness of the universe for awhile
Let us revel at the stars.
But then come back to earth, our lovely planet
and make this life of us
the focus of everything
make this life a life of service, a life of peace. 
a life of purity, a life of kindness
a life of helpfulness, 
Hans wishes you the very best. Peace  

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