Saturday, 27 May 2017


Brain plasticity consists of a wonderful capacity of our brain.

I am working quite often with children who are born with severe brain damage and it is amazing how many of these children can function quite well provided they get the right exercises and the right stimulation! Every second the cells in our brain make new connections and somehow structurally change our brain.

When I was talking a friend, occupational therapist, he told me the story of the tree. If we look at a tree, we cannot see it growing. But if it gets enough light and water and nutrients from the soil, after one year the tree will look very different from the tree we see today. So is it with the exercise we give to children with brain damage. If we give exercise for a day or even a week, we may see no changes. But if we persist giving the exercises for a year, we may see a huge difference.

We can do a lot for damaged brains. That is true. But, then, imagine what we can do with our normal brains! Keeping in mind brain plasticity, positive thinking and positive actions get a whole new dimension. The same goes for thoughts of kindness and love and feelings of happiness. The thoughts and actions we choose, affect the structure of our brains.

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