Tuesday, 30 May 2017


"Move from being driven by a goal
to being pulled by a purpose"
(M. Beckwith)

Many of us have become good at goal setting.
When we reach the goal, we are happy
but sometimes we fall into a pit of nothingness.

Goals drive us and getting nearer to them is a thrill.
But once a goal is achieved, it tends to lose some of its glamour.

Purpose is a bit different.
Purpose is the reason for being here.
Something we are passionate about
A superior aim in our life.
It may be something we grow into rather than achieve
It is pulling us to itself.

Through reflection we can discover our purpose
It is perhaps the biggest thing we can do for ourselves
and for the rest of the world...

I hope you enjoy the little poem I wrote end 2015:

It is written in the sand
The purpose of our life
Millions of grains of sand

If the sea‘d have erased it from the shore
The grains will have whispered it to the drops
And waves, the braking waves will sing
The purpose of our life

If the heat of day erased it from the surf
Evaporating mist ‘ll carry it to the clouds
Where they will paint it in amazing skies
The purpose of our life

The clouds will rain and
And diamond beads will ornament the rose
The rose's scent will tell it
The purpose of our life

But if we fail to find it
In the sand or song of waves
In the clouds or scent of roses
The purpose of our life

We may have to make it quiet
And look deep within our heart
Where it will be dancing all around
The purpose of our life.

If we do not find it in our hearts,
We may have to return to sand
It is written in the sand. 

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