Wednesday, 27 June 2018

A small prediction

In 2018,
millions of people around the world,
are aware of the huge joy that lies in service.
The true happiness and giant peace of mind
that lies in service.

What I heard
I heard once a hard core fanatic of a particular religion claim,
that his flock was the chosen one, and one day, all people from
other faiths will serve his kindred.

Small prediction
The worst thing (for him and his flock) is that he may be right.
People who are thinking like fanatics may be among the last,
the shameful last people on earth, to discover the giant truth,
mentioned in the first paragraph of this posting,
namely that true happiness and peace and joy lies in service

One day, sooner than later, all people on earth will
fully and completely consciously choose to serve,
to serve each other day by day and purposefully achieve
the peace and happiness  day by day.

The last ones to become aware of this
will be very likely the religious bigots,
the corrupted politicians,
the freemasons, the illuminati,
the unscrupulous tycoons of greed.

But become aware, they will.
They will feel the shame
of clinging on to the stupidity of limitless greed
for material wealth and power for far too long.


  1. I do agree with you that the corrupted politicians, the illuminati, the greedy tycoons may become aware one day.. perhaps the moments before death.

    but on what basis are you so sure that the so called 'fanatic' religious groups will become aware.. that true happiness and peace lies in service to all mankind (regardless of religion, race, etc)?

    what if they've been brain-washed since birth (until the moment before they die) that people from other faiths are considered sinful no matter what good service these 'different-believers' have done?


    1. I just came back from Sarawak and met with so many people of so many different religions, all sharing the fantastic awareness that Service is Joy (met with many people involved in non governmental organizations in preparation of an upcoming health camp). I feel that the "Service is Joy" concept is an idea whose time has come. Once an idea's time has come, it tends to become unstoppable. We cannot see how a revolution of any kind will unfold, until it actually unfolds, but so many unthinkable things have happened in the recent past, not only in the field of technology, but also in the evolution of our ideas (slavery/apartheid/women's rights/smoking,...). For me the idea of a kindness revolution started as a dream, then it evolved into a wish, a belief and now something as close as possible to a certainty. :)
      Let us all pray and act together.

  2. Thank you very much for your reply.

    But ideas grow like double-edged sword..

    There are also places which have progressed backward compared to where they were previously.. eg countries in the war-zones such as Sudan, Lybia, Afghanistan..

    i did encounter more n more of the highly educated, well-behaved n good-hearted people who has developed some "ideas" eg questioning abt DNA in the vaccines and medications, questioning on sharing of plates n cups with different-believers, scrutinizing on every single tiny aspects in life eg wearing, eating etc; and choosing a policy/politician that is so-called "religiously correct" as the ultimate criteria than any other aspects..

    I'm optimistic that in general, overall mankind is progressing positively and with all the efforts we are improving day by day into a better world.

    But perhaps there are also ideas which need some attention and perhaps "negative feedback" (if they are correctable)



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