Tuesday, 26 June 2018


"criticism is one of the very few ways in which people who are not creative can achieve something and become influential" (E. De Bono)

This is so true. Criticism is often a cheap way to lift our own ego and without often realizing the extent of the damage done, our ego gives a feeling of being on top of the person or thing we criticized.While initially the taste appears sweet to the person giving the criticism, in the long run it leaves invariably a sea of bitterness 'flooding our taste buds'.

Compare it with a time when you sincerely praised another person. Do it again later today or early tomorrow and compare it again to when you criticized.Look at the smile, remember the smile on that person's face.No bitterness, only lasting delight!

Let us be aware!

Criticism is a cheap shortcut
to short term ego glory 
but long term bitterness

Praise is the way to go!
Sincere praise!


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