Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Our choice

I do not speak here of extreme situations,
but I do think most of us can live comfortable
without the need to do things that our God does not want us to do.

All too often we are lured to the path that seems the easy way out. 
The path that leads to instant gratification, to fast money, and so on,
but the truth, the painful truth is that these paths that seem so easy at first
do bring us far more trouble in the end than we can imagine.

If on the other hand we take that path of sticking to our values and principles
no matter what, we will need to take a path that often seems to initially 
lead away from the fast gratification, from apparent instant richness 
But if we take the effort to walk this path, which is the path of God,
we will be never disappointed in the end, because these paths lead to peace.

Peace is on of the greatest gifts of God. Peace is so much more than the absence of war.
Peace of mind is this great feeling we get when we make another human happy, 

that sense of satisfaction, that sense of being a good human being, living in harmony
That sense of peace, that very special peace is always around us, in the air.
All we need to do to experience it, is to choose the path of values, of principles. 
the path that looks a bit harder in the beginning, but brings so much ease in the end. 

Every day some choices present themselves to us.
I have written this concept up into a small poem.
It was among the first ten poems, I ever wrote in English, back in 2010.

I still enjoy reading it. I hope you enjoy it as well:

Our choice

Walking on a hot and scorching day
We meet a splitting of the way
A way downwards looking shady, some trees are there
A way upwards, sandy without trees, just looking bare

Somewhere deep inside we know
The downwards shady path goes low
And down that place, there is no tree
Just heat and sweat and more ennui

Somewhere deep inside we are aware
That the way up, though initially a little bare
Will bring us to a place with lots of shade and big relief
It is God’s way, so I believe

Shall we choose the way below with instant pleasure?
Leading down to a place of heat, we cannot measure
Or shall we make little effort on the upper way?
And enjoy shade and breeze day by day 

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful article!
    Its so true.



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