Monday, 18 June 2018

Little Light

A short poem I wrote about 5 years ago:

There is a little light,
A little light in your heart,
A little light that has tremendous power
If we allow, it can obliterate all darkness.
That little light in your heart
Let it shine.

There is a little light,
A little light in your soul
If we allow, it carries tremendous wisdom
It flashes sparks and thoughts of goodness
That little light in your soul
Let it shine

No matter how dark is the night
Within, you can always find that little light
The light in your heart, the light in your soul
They're always there to brighten your world
These little lights of your heart and soul,
Let them shine. 

I posted the poem on PoemHunter, a website for poetry and one person asked what the light of that light was. I am not sure, but it felt not like the nicest possible comment on this poem. Anyhow, here is what I think about its color:

The little light is sometimes that divine small yellow spark 
that we can find inside when we feel a bit down

It is sometimes the small flame 
of budding inspiration to do something beautiful

Sometimes it turns into a fire 
of enthusiasm while we are helping someone in a big way

Or sometimes it can be like the white sunlight 
spilling its light over to others when we are giving a talk 
trying to motivate or inspire others and suddenly find that exactly fitting aphorism 

It can take the colours of the rainbow when we are in a poetic mood.
That being, said, it is not the light we can see with our eyes, 

it is something we experience with our soul.


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